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wound care &
hyperbaric medicine

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Focused on healing

Our team of comprehensive, certified wound-care physicians, surgeons and nurses specialize in providing advanced treatment plans driven by evidence based outcomes, while navigating the insurance carriers and managing patients’ supplies.

Each part of the process can directly affect a patient’s time to heal. When managed appropriately, it reduces complications, increases patient satisfaction and improves activities of daily living.

We are here to help provide wound care to patients who suffer with complications in healing following a recent or late traumatic incident such as:

  • non-healing wounds because of work-related or

  • motor-vehicle accidents

  • complications to crush-injury sites

  • complex open wounds around external fixators

  • pressure ulcers or complicated

  • non-healing ulcerations

  • dehisced skin flaps or surgical incisions

  • chronic bone infections that have not responded to conventional treatments

Our highly trained medical team is here for you when you need them.


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Dr. Parnell

Director of Wound Care

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